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Ask the Wastewater Expert

Productivity Perspectives

AI is back

From artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things
Today, improved capabilities and such things as so-called “deep learning” are setting off an AI-related arms race.
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Integration is all yet security concerns only too real

Scale, cyber-security and services define high-tech industrial-automation space
As 2015 brings renewed — if somewhat uneven — economic growth to North American corporations, the process industries increasingly rely on technology-supplier services to fill in resources gaps caused by qualified-worker shortages.
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Oil geo-politics enter latest era

Development in US will continue, out-stripping OPEC and compensating for other falling production
US oil production driven by fracking technology is adding to a glut of supply that tipped prices into a downward spiral starting last June, conclude recent reports from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and others.
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Attend ARC next week in Orlando

Begin to answer the question: If sports analytics can tell NBA basketball pros that the way to win is to focus on 3-pointers, don’t take long 2-pointers and get the rest of your points from lay-ups and free throws, then what more can analytics tell us about process control?
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