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Productivity Perspectives

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker, editorial director of Processing magazine, has been writing about process industry, automation and information-technology markets for more than 20 years.

From Finland to the world

Heavy-duty valve, pump maker plans further geographic and product line expansion
February 4, 2014
The thing we call globalization was early taken advantage of – was in fact first accomplished by – industrial mega-corporations with the means to distribute product worldwide. The next step taken was to position productive capacity in regional configurations.
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Water issues are central to West Virginia coal industry future

January 21, 2014
Impact on water quality goes well beyond immediate consequences of chemical spill
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We saw it at the Chem Show in New York City

December 17, 2013
It was cold walking the streets to the Jacob Javits Center for last week’s Chem Show. Inside, a warm feeling pervaded as tough times are past and the industry outlook is modestly upbeat. The idea that consumers want a solution, not a product, is not a new one. But there is a quickening of the pace at which various plant functions are being out-sourced to third parties.
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An industrial taxonomy extended to the process industries

December 3, 2013
Allows assessment of capabilities, including those of your suppliers
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2013 Breakthrough Products on display in NYC at December’s Chem Show

November 19, 2013
Even for those especially adverse to the cold, the allure of Christmastime in Manhattan, as so lusciously depicted in the Hollywood movies, is a powerful one.
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The global nature of the process industries illustrated

November 1, 2013
Engineers enjoy their work. Yet the education, training and supply of engineering talent can be buffeted by global industry and market forces that at times can seem capricious.
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Geography is truth when it comes to water issues

October 21, 2013
Chicago, Western Australia, Singapore and San Francisco share WEFTEC stage and many challenges
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The pump in poetry

September 30, 2013
19th century epic “Don Juan” reveals possible origins of industry trade publishing
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Family-owned Endress + Hauser a refreshing anomaly in global automation market

September 17, 2013
Over the past 35 years, industrial automation has evolved from a domain inhabited by newly minted companies controlled by entrepreneurial founders to become a global market dominated by publicly traded, multi-billion dollar corporations.Automation supplier Endress + Hauser is something of an anomaly in this regard.
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Unique liquid-mixing method addresses viscosity, volume challenges

August 27, 2013
“Pulses” of air or gas move liquid tank contents in unexpected but highly beneficent ways
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