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Specialty Equipment

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Contact: Kevin Calelly
Title: National Sales Manager
Phone: 713-467-1818
Fax: 713-467-9130


Specialty Equipment
1221 Adkins
Houston TX 77055
United States

Specialty Equipment Corporation is a Houston-based manufacturer of liquid filling machines as well as conveyors and palletizers for a variety of applications. We started in 1969 and have grown to be the largest manufacturer of drum filling, conveying and palletizing systems in North America.

We've developed a product line of liquid filling machines and conveyor systems for industries like; agriculture, chemical, cleaners, coatings, flavors, food, lube, and rubber manufacturers. The products we fill and convey include; drums, pails, IBC's, and FIBC's, as well as conveying and loading rubber bales.

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Palletized Drum Filling System

This system allows three pallet loads of empty drums to accumulate prior to the filling station and three loads after filling. A powered conveyor is on the scale and another after the fill station for bung and label application. The three non-powered zones at the end are for accumulated loads waiting fork truck pick up. Get more information at

Semi-Automatic Drum & Pail Filling System

This system requires empty containers to accumulate prior to the filling station. Bungs are removed and left on top of each container, prior to filling. A scale mounted powered conveyor drives each container on & off the fill station. The operator will replace the bung and place a cap or label while the next container is filling. Full containers will convey to a palletizer, accumulate in-line or be picked-up by fork truck. Get more information at

New Products

Portable Pail Filling System

This mobile machine will fill one to seven gallon containers in a batch operation. It is a mobile, semi-automatic pail filler, built with casters and wheel locks and has a cord with a special wall plug.
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Sales Brochures

Liquid Filling Applications for Pails, Drums, IBCs

Specialty Equipment Corporation manufacturers liquid filling and dry solids filling machines as well as conveyors and palletizers for a variety of industrial applications. Download this sales brochure to learn more about liquid filling applications for pails, drums and IBCs.
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