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Phone: 330-405-3040


L.J. Star, Inc.
2201 Pinnacle Parkway
P.O. Box 1116
Twinsburg OH 44087
United States

L.J. Star is a customer-focused company that is simple to do business with because it offers the most expertise in process observation/control industry as well as remarkable customer service and delivery.

Because our products are critical to operational safety, we deal with our customers with a passionate commitment to integrity, truth, and the highest standards of business ethics.

We work with our customers to help them achieve their goals for productivity improvement, safety, and cost control.

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Sight-Glass Light Improves Visibility of Critical Processes

L.J. Star Inc. has introduced the LumiStar3000™, a 60mm LED sight-glass light that is four times brighter than a typical sight-glass light, improving visibility of critical processes.
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New Products

LED Sight Glass Light

L.J. Star announced that a six diode version of its award-winning ESL55-EX LED sight glass light has received ATEX approval, making an extra -bright LED light available for hazardous environments that require stainless steel housings.
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Featured Articles

Cool white light best illuminates stainless-steel process vessels

Delivers more light and less heat; has significant impact on visibility, study shows
The stainless-steel interiors of process vessels common to food, beverage and pharmaceuticals processing must be subject to regular visual inspection.
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Breakthrough Products

Rare type of LED array delivers the brightest of illuminations

LumiStar3000 Sight glass light
This is said to be the world’s brightest sight glass light and offer unprecedented, penetrating illumination of vessels used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing.
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