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Kistler-Morse can provide level or weight indicators for single or multi-vessel applications and our controllers are versatile and reliable indicators, batchers, and in-motion weighers. We offer a wide choice of analog and digital interface options. Our Remote Monitor will save you time and money with accurate information and offer a safer working environment.

The flexibility of our products allows you to assemble a measurement system for almost any kind of bin, vessel, tank or silo, containing almost any conceivable bulk solid or liquid material. Our expert applications and service group will assist you from start to finish and for non-standard applications, will work with you on a custom solution. Whatever your application, Kistler-Morse can give you the inventory measurement and control capabilities you need.

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Monitoring Bulk Solids Inventory

Monitoring Bulk Solids Inventory

March 28, 2014

Bulk Solids Inventory exists in a wide range of industries including agriculture, grain processing, feed production, plastic processing, concrete production and many more.

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Kistler-Morse Invisilink Wireless Radio

Kistler-Morse® Adds InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio to Offering

March 13, 2014
Having a wireless solution allows users to eliminate hard wiring and conduit between units, which allows for significant cost savings during installation and maintenance of equipment. Read More


Automate Your Data Collection

May 20, 2014
Download this presentation to learn how the Kistler Morse ORB can provide accurate and timely remote silo inventory information that will save your company money. Read More

Weighing Bulk Materials

May 20, 2014
This presentation covers the advantages of Kistler Morse Microcell Bolt On Strain Gage sensor weighing system over level measurement. Read More

Accuracy and Repeatability in Weighing Systems

May 20, 2014
Download this presentation to learn which three factors negatively affect accuracy and repeatability of weighing system installations. Read More
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