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Niagara Meters

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Niagara Meters

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Toll Free: 1-800-778-9251


Niagara Meters
150 Venture Blvd
Spartanburg SC 29306
United States
Niagara Meters represents a complete line of flowmeters manufactured by Venture Measurement Co., LLC in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Niagara Meters has been widely used in the following industries since 1859: agriculture, food, beverage, tobacco, mining, oil & gas production, paper, petrochemical processing, plastics & rubber, pharmaceutical, and power generation. Niagara Meter's products include Nutating Disc, Oscillating Piston and Turbine technologies for use in industrial applications. Niagara positive displacement flowmeters offer versatile design and construction allowing user flexibility with different fluids. Several registers and transmitters are available to select the output needs of your application. The Niagara Turbine flowmeters’ durable design consists of one internal moving part and a sealed register to prevent condensation or fogging. Niagara Meters also offers a line of strain gage flowmeters, ultrasonic level measuring devices, and magmeters.

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