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Contact: Kate Fredrickson
Title: Marketing & Brand Manager
Toll Free: 888-657-3094


Mac Process
7901 NW 107th Terrace
Kansas City KS 64153
United States
Our engineers work with you to understand your unique business, then apply deep knowledge of material handling and dust collection to solve your process challenges. We work hand-in-hand as your long-term partner to protect your brand.

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Low Pressure Continuous Dense Phase Convey System

January 16, 2014
E-finity® is a patented continuous dense phase convey system for fragile materials. Read More
Mac Process MCF PowerSaver Dust Collector

Energy-efficient Dust Collector

June 3, 2013
Requiring no integrated plant air to function, the Mac Process MCF PowerSaver generates energy cost-savings of up to 50% over conventional high pressure pulse jet or reverse air cleaning systems. Read More

New Products

Mac Process E-finity LPCDP Convey System

Low-pressure Continuous Dense Phase Convey System

November 22, 2013
Mac Process E-finity® is a patented continuous dense phase convey system for fragile materials. Read More
Mac Process dust collector

High Efficiency Dust Collector

November 11, 2013
The Mac Process SpaceSaver dust collector is up to 75% smaller than traditional dust collectors, offering a superior cleaning mechanism and long-lasting, leak-free cartridges, the company says. Read More
Mac Process Mac2Flo dust collector

Cartridge Dust Collector

October 17, 2013
The efficient Mac Process Mac2Flo™ cartridge collector is designed to reduce compressed air leading to energy savings and its modular design reduces floor space requirements. Read More
Mac Process CRA Airlock

Quick Clean Airlock

July 30, 2013
The CRA de-mountable valve is designed to meet challenging requirements for sanitary processes. Read More
Mac Process

Low-maintenance Air Filtration Solution

January 1, 2013
The patented “Never Miss” cleaning mechanism from Mac Process pulses the bags only when the nozzles are in direct position. Read More
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