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GEA Process Engineering

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GEA Process Engineering
GEA Process Engineering develops designs and sells production plants for the dairy, brewery, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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GEA Niro Spray Fluidizer

Granulation Agglomeration Drying

August 21, 2013
The GEA Niro Test Center has applied its extensive know-how from the closely related drying techniques of spray drying and fluidized bed drying to the development of a continuous process for producing granular products. Read More

Cleaning-in-Place of powder-handling equipment in food, beverage and dairy plants

March 5, 2013
It goes without saying that a modern food or beverage plant handles lots of powders, either as raw ingredients or finished products. To handle all this stuff, plants are equipped with powder transport and conveying systems as well as powder silos, feeders, blenders, de-baggers and filling machines. Read More
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