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McCrometer, Inc.
3255 W. Stetson Ave.
Hemet CA 92545
United States

McCrometer is a leading global flow instrumentation specialist. We specialize in the design, manufacture and testing of flow metering solutions. Instrument, process, facility and consulting engineers worldwide have confidently chosen McCrometer’s flow meters since 1955. McCrometer’s flow technologies serve in a wide range of applications and markets. Our application engineers, researchers and designers apply their expertise in flow physics and real-world operating dynamics. The results are some of the most accurate, innovative and trusted flow meters on the market.


Wafer Cone®

Ultra Mag®

FPI Mag™


Water Specialties Propeller Meter™

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FPI Mag flow meter - McCrometer

Watch this video to learn about the key benefits of the FPI Mag from McCrometer, as well as how the product works and how it is used.

McCrometer FPI Mag Chilled Water Flow Meter

The FPI Mag manufactured by McCrometer, the leading water flow meter manufacturer, is a highly accurate hot tap insertion flow meter ideally suited for chilled water facilities. The FPI Mag is ideal for campus style facilities such as universities, hospitals, airports, hotels, government complexes and more. The FPI Mag measures forward flow or bi-directional flow for complete versatility.


McCrometer FPI flowmeter installed in plant

'Mag' flowmeter helps Ashley Valley Water & Sewer comply with allocation quota

August 1, 2014
Hot-tap installation, no need for interface software programming and accuracy were among the benefits cited. Read More

Five questions to ask when choosing a mag meter

October 1, 2013
The ideal starting point for choosing an electromagnetic flowmeter is not with a manufacturer’s specifications, but with the details of your unique application. Read More

New Products

McCrometer FPI-X Dual Sensor Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Flowmeter Solutions

July 29, 2014
Visitors to WEFTEC 2014 will find McCrometer offers a wide range of advanced high accuracy, cost-effective flow meter solutions designed for industrial process water treatment, as well as for use in district energy, HVAC and municipal water and wastewater. Read More
McCromter FPI-X Dual Sensor Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Dual Sensor Electromagnetic Flowmeter

April 9, 2014
Process and plant engineers contending with swirl and other flow disturbances in the line will find the new FPI-X™ Dual Sensor Electromagnetic Flowmeter from McCrometer delivers accurate and repeatable measurement under extreme flow conditions unachievable with other technologies. Read More
McCrometer FPI Mag electromagnetic flow meter

Mag Flowmeter with Quick Connect Cable

March 3, 2014

With its new rugged Quick Connect Cable, the advanced FPI Mag™ electromagnetic flow meter from McCrometer is easier than ever to install and set-up for use.

Read More
McCrometer FPI Mag

Full Profile Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter with CSA Certification

May 20, 2013
McCrometer’s popular FPI Mag™ (Full Profile Insertion) Electromagnetic Flow Meter now features the new M-Series Converter, providing excellent accuracy to ±0.5% of reading. Read More
McCrometer Flow Meters

Flow Measurement Solution for Industrial Process Water

May 8, 2013

McCrometer’s advanced FPI MagTM (Full Profile Insertion) Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Ultra Mag® Flow Meter and MX Ultra Mag® Flow Meter after TUV review have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification from the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Read More

Direct-mount Flowmeter

March 20, 2013
McCrometer’s Wafer-Cone® flowmeter features a direct-mount configuration that minimizes installation labor while ensuring accuracy. Read More

Flowmeter for Offshore Production Environments

March 11, 2013
With its unique differential pressure (dP) cone design, the versatile V-Cone® Flow Meter and highly scalable Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter provide superior flow measurement accuracy and repeatability regardless of space and weight constraints. Read More
McCrometer V-Cone GOST-R

Advanced Differential Pressure Flowmeter obtains GOST-R Certification

November 26, 2012
McCrometer’s advanced differential pressure V-Cone® Flow Meter has obtained GOST-R Certification and now officially meets Russian national technical standards. GOST-R certification is a strict approval process to ensure the Read More

Flowmeter Reduces LNG Installation and Operating Costs

May 31, 2012
With its unique self-conditioning flow technology, the versatile V-Cone® Flow Meter from McCrometer offers a lowest-installed cost, low-maintenance and highly reliable measurement solution for challenging hazardous applications in liquefied natural Read More

Featured Articles

McCrometer FPI Mag flowmeter sensor

Magnetic flowmeters applied at US petroleum reserve

April 7, 2014
Magnetic flowmeters on two rugged Texas brine disposal lines supporting the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve were recently tested to confirm their accuracy, performance and reliability. Read More

White Papers


10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Cone Meters (But Really Should Find Out)

August 28, 2014
Cone meters have been around for decades, since the mid-1980s. They are frequently confused with other technologies for a number of reasons. Read More

FPI Mag™ Flow Meter: Next Generation Mag Meter A Tool for Leak Detection

October 17, 2013
The Next Generation Mag Meter is just that, a mag meter! In fit and form the FPI Mag is unique; in function the FPI Mag meter is just that – a mag meter. The important note here is that the FPI Mag is unique. Read More

Flowmeter Smoothes City's Troubled Waters

November 22, 2011
Download this free white paper, and discover how a Colorado town obtained more accurate flow readings by finding a flowmeter that could operate within the restrictions imposed by the existing structure. Read More

Sales Brochures

Proven Flow Measurement Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

McCrometer V-Cone®: Proven Flow Measurement Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

March 29, 2013
The V-Cone® flow meter is an advanced technology that takes differential pressure flow measurement to a new level. Read More
McCrometer V-Cone Subsea Flow Meter

McCrometer V-Cone® Subsea Flow Meter

March 29, 2013
The advanced differential pressure V-Cone Subsea flow meter technology naturally conditions the flow reducing pipe requirements to fit into tight spaces. Read More
McCrometer V-Cone

McCrometer V-Cone®: Advanced Differential Pressure Flow Meter Technology

March 29, 2013
McCrometer’s V-Cone® flow meter is an innovative system that takes differential pressure flow measurement to another level. Read More
McCrometer Wafer-Cone

McCrometer Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter

March 29, 2013
The flangeless Wafer-Cone® is compact, less costly and easy to install. Read More

McCrometer Water Specialties Propeller Meter™

March 29, 2013
Water Specialties Propeller Meters are designed and manufactured with precise techniques and high quality components to deliver superior performance, low maintenance and unsurpassed durability. Read More
McCrometer FPI Mag

McCrometer FPI Mag™ Full Profile Insertion Flow Meter

March 28, 2013
The FPI Mag™ manufactured by McCrometer, the leading water flow meter manufacturer, is the high performance hot tap flow meter of choice for industrial or municipal water applications. Read More

McCrometer Mc® Propeller Flow Meter

March 28, 2013
The Mc® Propeller is especially suited to dirty water flows, municipal and other high-volume water applications. Read More

McCrometer SPI Mag™ Single Profile Insertion Flow Meter

March 28, 2013
The SPI Mag™ Insertion Flow Meter provides a highly cost-effective solution for the accurate measurement of liquid flow in closed conduit, pressurized pipe applications. Read More

Case Studies

Case Study

FPI Mag® Flow Meter Solves Cooling Tower Water Problem For Covanta Energy Corp at Honolulu H-POWER Facility

August 4, 2014

The accurate measurement of cooling tower blowdown water flowing at irregular intervals prior to reinjection into a caprock well became a stubborn problem for Covanta Energy Corp at the Honolulu H-POWER Facility on the island of Oahu, HI.

Read More
Case Study

DM Petroleum Operations Relies on FPI Mag Flow Meter for Tough U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Application

November 1, 2013
New tests recently performed by DM Petroleum Operations Company with the FPI Mag® Flow Meter from McCrometer continue to confirm the flow meter’s accurate performance and reliability on two rugged Texas brine disposal lines supporting the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Read More
Case Study

Next Generation Mag Meter Helps Davidson with Non-Revenue Water

September 16, 2013
As a first step to better understand non-revenue water loss in its distribution network, Davidson Water of Lexington, N.C., replaced Venturi flowmeters in its processing plant with more accurate FPI Mag flowmeters at 14 critical metering points governed by a range of pipe sizes and flow rates. Davidson says the result is a cut in non-revenue water loss from near 17% to only 13%. Read More
Case Study

McCrometer E-Book: Measuring Flow in a Pump

August 29, 2013
Measuring pump-station flow for a water distribution network typically employs ultrasonic or “propeller” flowmeter technologies. Instead, consider the FPI Mag meter. Read More
Case Study

Flowmeter Solves Tight Installation Challenge

March 26, 2013
Municipal water systems present a challenging operating environment in which the accurate and reliable measurement of liquid flow is essential for cost-effective plant and system operation. In order for such Read More
Case Study

Full Profile Insertion Mag Meter Improves City Water Operations Management

January 16, 2013
The Water Works Department in Geneva, Ohio, determined that eight individual metering locations were needed around the city. The City management had several primary considerations when selecting a metering solution. Read More
Case Study

Honda Cars Philippines Ensures Quality Manufacturing With Advanced Gas Measurement Solution

November 29, 2012
Improving repeatability and ensuring a higher level of quality and consistency in its manufacturing processes were the important benefits achieved by leading car manufacturer, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), in Read More
Case Study

Self-Conditioning Flow Meter Solves Measurement Challenges for LNG Processing and Distribution

September 27, 2012
With the continuous increase in demand for energy worldwide, the popularity of clean-burning natural gas has grown rapidly over the past decades. Its relatively abundant supply, along with new high Read More

Direct Mount Wafer-Cone® Flow Meter Eliminates Impulse Lines For Fast, Easy, Low-Cost Installation

September 6, 2012

The Wafer Cone’s® new direct mount configuration minimizes installation labor while ensuring accuracy. Direct mounting the transmitter eliminates impulse lines, which not only lowers installation costs but also reduces potential

Read More
Case Study

Overcoming Coke-Oven Gas Measurement Problems

November 22, 2011
A byproduct from the coke production mill, coke-oven gas is used as the main fuel for rolling mill ovens. The gas contains a number of problem constituents such as naptha, ammonium hydrate and tar. Read More
Case Study

Field Experiences with V-Cone Technology

November 22, 2011
This paper describes the principles and field use of the McCrometer V-Cone® D.P. flowmeter used in wellhead metering, injection-measurement allocation metering and custody-transfer applications in the on-shore and topside or subsea off-shore oil-and-gas industry. Read More
Case Study

Advanced Flow Meter Technology To The Rescue: V-Cone® Reduces Installation Costs for Aging Power Plant

November 22, 2011
Metso Power Oy, located in Finland, began a new project in 2002 to design and build a new flue gas treatment operation within the new power plant for client, Kotkan Energia Oy, located in Kotka, Finland. Metso Power had to design the flue gas treatment plant to fit into the section of the new plant, which was pre-determined by Kotkan Energia. The fact that the location of the flue gas treatment plant was selected in advance, added to the complexity of the project. It was necessary to fit the equipment into a limited space. Read More
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