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Phone: 800-567-9767


Orival, Inc.
213 S. Van Brunt St
Englewood NJ 07631
United States

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Water Filter Protects Heat Exchangers, Prevents Clogging

May 25, 2011
Water filters protect heat exchangers and prevent clogging of nozzles, tubes and other narrow passages by removing dirt particles down to micron size, of any specific gravity, from once-through and Read More

Automatic self-cleaning filter advances reuse of industrial, municipal water

August 18, 2008
Water reuse is here to stay if the world wishes to raise or even maintain present living standards. ORIVAL, Inc. is committed to advancing the reuse of industrial, municipal and Read More

Manifolds for multiple water filtration systems

May 21, 2007
Orival, Inc. fabricates complete manifolds for multiple water filtration systems to ensure protection of heat exchangers, spray nozzles, pump seals, air compressors, I.E. and R.O. units, and other instrumentation to Read More

Eliminate high maintenance costs with automatic self-cleaning filters

March 28, 2007
The OR Series of automatic self-cleaning filters by Orival, Inc. are designed to reliably remove both organic and inorganic suspended solids. With their highly efficient flushing systems and large Read More

Skid mounted filtration systems

March 28, 2007
Skid mounted filtration systems can simplify your life. By designing the system from the ground up and balancing the pump, motor, controls, filter, valves and piping with the application requirements, Read More

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Orival Filters

Manifold and Water Filter Combinations

August 20, 2013
ORIVAL, Inc. offers unlimited combinations of manifolds and water filter models. Read More

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Full Stream Cooling Tower Filtration

June 20, 2013
Water chemistry is routinely addressed in cooling systems. Scale formation, corrosion and biological growth are just some of the activities that can be abated by proper use of chemical additives. Read More
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