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Scientific Dust Collectors

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Contact: Karen Quiroz
Phone: 708-597-7090


Scientific Dust Collectors
4101 W. 126th St.
Alsip IL 60803
Scientific Dust Collectors offers bags and cartridges for your dust collector. Our patented systems are available with a variety of fabrics to fit your requirements. See what makes us different!

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Improving the Cleaning Cycle in Baghouse Collectors

The dust collector has been around for many years. The generic pulse jet baghouse in particular has been around since 1963 and the cleaning cycle has not changed much
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Ineffective Cleaning in Generic Baghouses

In a typical "generic" baghouse application, the cleaning is accomplished by back-flushing the filter with compressed air that travels through an orifice hole in a purge tube (blow pipe)
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Advantages of Cleaning without a Venturi In Pulse Jet Baghouse Collectors

A venturi has been associated with reverse pulsejet baghouse dust collectors since the 1950?s, and has become the industry standard design for the reverse-jet cleaning system of baghouse dust
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