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Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

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Phone: 508-946-6200
Toll Free: 800-628-8139
Fax: 508-946-6262


Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
11 Commerce Blvd.
Middleboro MA 02346-1031
United States

80 Years Young - Brookfield Engineering has been the world leader in viscosity measurement and control! Brookfield offers the AST100 Viscometer for advanced sensor technology for simple, direct in-line viscosity measurement, the DV3T™ Rheometer for measuring yield stress and viscosity, the DV2T™ Touch Screen Viscometer with temperature measurement, the RST™ Controlled Stress Rheometer for challenging rheological measurements, the CT3™ Texture Analyzer for measuring firmness, springiness & chewiness which features Compression and Tension Mode so manufacturers can test their products with packaging materials! The PFT™ Powder Flow Tester which measures flow index and arching dimension. The well-known trademarks of Brookfield products are reasonable pricing and high quality workmanship.

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What we've got here is 'a failure to discharge!'

A test that tells you when you need to tackle a powder-flow challenge
Powder products — such as flavorings, flours, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals — are part of a broader group of materials called “bulk solids” that can range from micron- to millimeter-sized particles.
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Accurate and Rapid QA/QC Tests for Powders

The bulk solids industry has long been in need of a rapid, cost-e!ective, concise QA/QC test for benchmarked powder formulations. The importance of this type of test is imperative to ensure powder jams and flow issues are caught before a major production run is implemented (COMPROMISED).
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