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Fox Thermal Instruments

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Contact: Ria Edens
Phone: 831-233-1357


Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc.
399 Reservation Road
Marina CA 93933
United States
Founded in 1994, Fox Thermal Instruments provides a broad range of reliable, accurate and full-featured flow meters to industrial OEMs and end-user customers. The Fox management group has decades of experience in thermal flow design, application and manufacturing techniques. Our outstanding team of mechanical, electronic and software designers have helped shape the thermal mass flow measurement industry and continue to leverage new materials and technologies to improve instrument functionality, accuracy and reliability. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is demonstrated in our flexible manufacturing facility, which allows us to custom engineer flow systems and develop value-added products for our OEM customers. Experienced field representatives and skilled customer service technicians provide on-going support throughout the specification, installation and maintenance cycles of Fox products and help us meet our ultimate goal; your complete satisfaction. Our company is located in Marina, California, on the Monterey coastline.

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New Products

Fox Thermal Instruments FT2A Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Thermal Mass Flowmeter & Temperature Transmitter

March 10, 2014
Fox Thermal Instruments has revamped its product line with the redesigned FT2A Thermal Mass Flow Meter. Read More
Fox Thermal Instruments Model FT3

Accurate Gas Flow Monitoring

June 5, 2013
The Model FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter, winner of Processing’s 2012 Breakthrough Products Award, measures two important process variables in one rugged instrument. Read More

Thermal Mass Flowmeter & Temperature Transmitter

April 4, 2013
Zero CAL-CHECK™ is a companion test to the CAL-V™ Calibration Validation feature available on the Fox Model FT3 Thermal Mass Flow Meter & Temperature Transmitter. Read More

Flowmeter Simplifies Environmental Monitoring

July 28, 2011
Wide turndown and a specified accuracy that exceeds the EPA requirement means that the FOX Model FT2 flowmeter can help users meet immediate reporting requirements as well as achieve accurate, Read More

Breakthrough Products


Calibration validation in situ — how do you do?

December 1, 2012
Of the many positive features of its FT3 meter/transmitter, Marina, Calif.-based Fox Thermal Instruments says “calibration validation” is the most groundbreaking. Read More

White Papers


Flare and Combustor Gas Measurement: Applications, Regulations and Challenges

September 8, 2014

Flare and combustor gas flow monitoring requires a flow meter that meets the accuracy and periodic calibration verification requirements set by local environmental agencies. The Model FT3 meets and exceeds these requirements with its high accuracy and Calibration Validation feature.

Read More
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