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Monitor Technologies LLC

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Phone: 800-601-6204


Monitor Technologies LLC
44W320 Keslinger Rd.
P.O. Box 8048
Elburn IL 60119-8048
United States

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Monitor Technologies WirelessEZ communication interface

Interface for Continuous Level Sensors

August 29, 2014
The WirelessEZ communication interface (radio modem) from Monitor Technologies is a practical option when hard-wiring is not feasible. Read More
Monitor Technologies TrueCap capacitance level sensors

RF Capacitance Level Sensors

February 12, 2014
Monitor Technologies’ TrueCap® RF capacitance point level sensors are designed to provide stable sensitivity and durability for powder and bulk solids applications, as well as, some liquid and slurry applications Read More

Level Measurement for Solid/Water Interface Applications

September 16, 2013
The SiloPatrol® plumb bob “smart” level sensor from Monitor Technologies can be equipped with an optional stainless steel interface style plumb bob in order to provide level measurement for settled solids in a blanket of water. Read More

Versatile Solids Flow Detection

August 1, 2012
The Model SFI and SFD-2 series of rugged solids flow detectors provide analog or relay outputs to indicate the flow / no-flow condition of powder and bulk solids materials in Read More

‘Smart’ Level Sensor

October 14, 2011
The SiloPatrol® cabled-based “smart” level sensor from Monitor Technologies can be equipped with the optional stainless steel inverted cone style plumb bob in order to provide level measurement in lighter Read More

Enhanced Operator Interface Control Console for Continuous Level Sensors

June 2, 2011
The latest version of the HMI2 control console provides local operator interface for the company’s continuous level sensors. The HMI2 has two RS-485 networks, with a capacity of 16 sensors Read More

SiloPatrol® SMU SE with Self-Powered Analog Output

February 15, 2011
The SiloPatrol® SMU SE cable-based level measurement instrument is available with an analog 4-20mA self-powered output. This Silo Monitoring Unit (SMU) is a stand-alone transmitter that provides an updated (refreshed) Read More
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