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Phone: 800-972-ASCO


ASCO Numatics
50-60 Hanover Road
Florham Park NJ 07932

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ASCO Numatics 291 Series solenoid valves

High-pressure Solenoid Valves for CNG Dispensing Applications

September 23, 2013
ASCO Numatics has introduced in North America the ASCO 291 Series of high-pressure solenoid valves for compressed natural gas (CNG) dispensing applications. Read More

High Flow Rate Directional Control Valves

November 13, 2012
ASCO Numatics’ 503 Series of pneumatic directional control valves with ultra-high flow ratings is designed for automation and piloting across a wide range of automotive and tire, food and Read More

Proportional Valve Offers Field Adjustment

September 30, 2010
The valve can be fully tuned to an application without being removed from the production process. The valve is ideal for PET blow molding, laser cutting, paint spray, web tensioning, Read More

Low-Power Solenoid Valves Feature .55 watt Power Consumption

March 23, 2010
The company has introduced a low-power solenoid valve series that offers .55 watt power consumption while providing highly reliable operating performance. The new valve is ideal for process applications in the Read More
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