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Contact: Michelle Bono
Phone: 269-323-1313


Eaton Filtration
9151 Shaver Road
Portage MI 49024
United States

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Many benefits follow from putting cart before ‘swarf’

Sourced from sister division, mobile shop-floor filtration system saves Eaton Hydraulics plant estimated $12,000 a year
Eaton Corp., Beachwood, Ohio, is a global, diversified power management company and an industrial manufacturer with 2012 sales of more than $16.3 billion and more than 100,000 employees.
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Consideration factors in assessing filtration systems

What’s best for liquid processing: bags, cartridges or clean-in-place?
Filtration removes physical particles from liquid streams and prevents contamination or equipment damage.
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No more hauling and disposing of rancid water

Having thrown strikes for nearly two centuries now, Lake Forest, Ill.-based Brunswick Corp. says it had another big hit with a two-stage filtration process used to treat water used in the machining center at its plant in Reynosa, Mexico, where bowling balls are made.
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Self-Cleaning Water Filters Help Bagel Maker Improve Safety

Used extensively in the bagel making process, highly pressurized hot water required during boiling offsets potential quality problems. The process also requires a filtration system to clean raisins, sesame seeds, bits of dough, corn meal and other materials out of the hot water. And that’s where the danger can occur.
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New Products

Mechanically Coupled Strainers

Power management company Eaton addresses pipeline debris challenges with its MCS series of mechanically coupled strainers.
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Multi-bag Filter Housing System for High Volume Applications

Eaton Corporation’s PROLINE 100™ Series filter housings are 100 PSI rated, non-coded vessels for use with standard #2 size filter bags. The new HE Series vessel design offers a
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