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ITT Engineered Valves

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Contact: Heather Sandoe
Phone: 800-366-1111


ITT Engineered Valves
33 Centerville Rd.
P.O. Box 6164
Lancaster PA 17603-2064
United States

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Select the right slurry valve for the job

A quick look at valve diversity in some industries that have really ‘gnarly’ processes
From the abrasive bitumen found in the Canadian oil sands, to the acidic and flammable solutions common in chemical plants, to the scaling-prone mixtures sitting in agricultural processing facilities, valves are used to start, stop and control a wider range of slurry compositions.
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New Products

Value Switch Package

ITT Corp.’s Engineered Valves brand has introduced the Pure-Flo® VSP+, adding new features to the cost-effective and proven Value Switch Package (VSP) product offering.
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