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Contact: Eileen Ellis
Phone: 856-662-8000


Macro Sensors
7300 US Route 130 North
Bldg. 22
Pennsauken NJ 08110-1541

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How long will analog stand?

Digital versus analog outputs for LVDT position measurement
By acquiring the parameter and control-state data that is the basis for control-loop feedback, industrial sensors, including transducers, supply a particular kind of intelligence for process-control systems.
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New Products

Linear Position Transmitters

Configured with a float, Macro Sensors HSIR Series LVDT Linear Position Transmitters are serving as level sensors to measure liquid level changes from a few inches to several feet in gauging tank level volumes.
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Magnetostrictive Sensor Provides Long Stroke Position Measurement

The long stroke linear position sensors provide highly accurate absolute position measurement of displacements up to 1.2 meters, according to the manufacturer. Available in ranges of 300- to 1,200-mm,
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