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VEGA Americas, Inc.

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Toll Free: +1 800-367-5383


VEGA Americas, Inc.
4170 Rosslyn Drive
Cincinnati OH 45209
United States

Simple. Accurate. Reliable.

VEGA provides specialized, best-in-class level measurement solutions designed to excel in all applications with the following benefits:

  • Custom Engineered Solutions
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy installation
  • 24-Hour Support

Our combination of speed, excellent support, and reliable performance ensures VEGA is the right partner for your level measurement needs.

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Guided Wave Radar Sensors

VEGA introduces the latest product innovation in guided wave radar technology. The VEGAFLEX 80 Series has sensors specifically designed for the measurement of liquids or solids as well as hygienic and high temperature/pressure environments.
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