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ReoTemp Instrument Corp.

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Contact: Unavailable
Phone: 800-648-7737


ReoTemp Instrument Corp.
10656 Roselle St.
San Diego CA 92121

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Industrial stainless steel pressure gauge with bayonet case

November 17, 2008
Industrial Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge with Bayonet Case (Series PR) has a rugged, all-welded design, making it ideal for a wide variety of process markets where accuracy, durability, and Read More

New Products

Easy-to-read heavy-duty pressure guage

January 7, 2010
The pressure gauges make viewing the dial easier in low-light and tough visibility environments. The high-contrast red pointer and fluorescent yellow dial make for easy readability in even the harshest Read More

General-purpose pressure transmitter

June 9, 2008
The REOTEMP Series TC6 is a general purpose pressure transmitter which meets most accuracy requirements while maintaining a very competitive price. It is well-suited to measure compatible gases and liquids Read More
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