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Newson Gale Inc.
460 Faraday Avenue
Bldg C
Jackson NJ 08527
United States
Newson Gale manufactures hazardous area static grounding equipment and services designed to protect against static sparks, fires and explosions in flammable and combustible atmospheres. Customers are supported from sales and service centres in the UK, USA and Germany and via an international network of specialist distributors and partners.

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New features and options enhance static grounding indicator

November 24, 2008
The grounding indicator system has been enhanced with additional features and options providing even more operational and safety benefits. The system is designed to provide a fail-safe assurance of a Read More

Tanker-Truck Grounding System Protects Three Ways

January 28, 2008
The new code-compliant Earth-Rite RTR™ system from Newson Gale is based on triple technology to ensure safe static grounding during transfer of flammable products to or from a tanker truck. Read More

New Products

Newson Gale OhmGuard Hose Continuity Tester

Hose Continuity Tester

August 5, 2013
The OhmGuard® Hose Continuity Tester, manufactured by Newson Gale, is a device designed to ensure that a string of assembled hoses have good electrical continuity with a grounded truck. Read More
Newson Gale Earth-Rite MGV

Truck-mounted Static Ground Verification System

July 26, 2013
An innovative, truck-mounted Static Ground Verification System -- the Earth-Rite® MGV from Newson Gale -- enhances safety during transfer of flammable or combustible materials. Read More

Hazardous Area Static Grounding System

September 13, 2011
The newly upgraded, intrinsically safe Earth-Rite TELLUS® II from Newson Gale Inc. offers effective, constantly verified static ground monitoring for drums, IBCs and other mobile or portable equipment during hazardous Read More

Fifty-Foot Self-Retracting Reel for Demanding Static Grounding Applications

June 28, 2011
The new VESM02 cable reel is specifically designed to provide secure static ground protection for difficult field applications such as tanker trucks, rail cars, IBCs, and mobile tanks or drums. Read More

Portable Digital Multimeter Provides Safe Testing

May 31, 2011
New user-friendly portable multimeter is designed for use in applications involving combustible or explosive atmospheres. The new Model ISDMM multimeter provides convenient, accurate confirmation of a low-resistance path to verified Read More

Tanker-Truck Electronic Grounding System Provides Failsafe Verification

September 14, 2010
The failsafe static grounding system provides confirmation of connection to a static dissipative ground point, and continuous electronic verification of a <10 ohm connection to that point, plus specific tanker Read More

Static Monitoring System Protects in Explosive Atmospheres

February 23, 2010
The FM and ATEX approved systems constantly monitor Type C containers (SuperSacks) and similar containers, ensuring that the containers’ anti-static features are within the correct specifications and achieving a constant Read More

Advanced-design static grounding clamp serves mobile/portable equipment

January 12, 2010
The clamp creates and continuously monitors a low-resistance connection to ground, while providing visual verification through a flashing LED indicator. It also includes a redesigned electronic module for enhanced Read More

Portable, self-testing grounding and bonding assembly meets heavy-duty chemical processing applications

January 12, 2009
The popular self-testing Bond-Rite EZ, portable static grounding and bonding assembly is now available equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel clamp able to provide reliable, long-term service in virtually Read More

Effective control of static electricity through grounding and bonding

March 19, 2007
Static electricity or the build up of electrostatic charge is present all around us. In everyday life, a static spark is seen as a nuisance: in a flammable atmosphere, its Read More

Self-testing hazardous area static grounding clamp serves portable plant items

March 19, 2007
A grounding clamp specifically designed for hazardous area applications protects against static electricity build-up in mobile or portable equipment. The new clamp, the Bond-Rite™ clamp from Newson-Gale Inc. creates and Read More

White Papers


You don't have to be a rocket guard against static electricity hazards

November 22, 2011
For the person who is responsible for the safety of employees, colleagues, plant equipment and plant property, one of the most potentially confusing aspects of providing a safe operating environment Read More

Static Grounding Clamps & Cables, Key Factors Too Often Overlooked

November 22, 2011
This newly released white paper from Newson Gale, Inc. describes the too-often ignored critical role played by grounding & bonding clamps and cables in a reliable static electricity control system for Read More

Achieving Safe Tanker Truck Loading/Unloading

November 22, 2011
A newly released white paper from Newson Gale, Inc., provides detailed guidance for the safe transfer of combustible materials to or from tanker trucks. The paper cites specific applicable Read More

Controlling Static Hazards is Key to Preventing Combustible Cloud Explosions

November 22, 2011
Recent studies covering plants in the U.S., UK and Germany show that controlling static electricity build-up is the key to preventing combustible cloud explosions. In the U.S. alone during Read More
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