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Gateway Safety

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Respirator Offers Comfortable, Customizable Fit

The OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard, which requires employers to provide respirators to their employees when applicable, is meant to prevent hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses annually. Yet common
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New Products

Impact-to-splash Goggles

Gateway Safety’s Cyclone®, one of the industry’s only impact-to-splash goggles, offers two safety solutions.
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Safety Eyewear

Parallax features a patented temple design that allows for superior comfort for all-day wear.
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Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Conqueror® MAG by Gateway Safety is a bifocal safety eyewear solution in a design that end users find stylish and ultra comfortable.
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Safety Helmet

Gateway Safety's Serpent® safety helmet is available in both Class C (vented) and Class E (unvented) versions.
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Vented Safety Helmet

To combat heat buildup under the helmet that can cause fatigue and heat stress, Gateway Safety’s Serpent Vented Safety Helmet does the job with a CoolSense airflow system, along with
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