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Invensys Operations Management

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Invensys Operations Management

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Pipe Thread Vortex Flowmeter

With no moving parts, a lifetime warranty and available in various sizes, the MNPT threaded vortex meter reduces maintenance costs and is well suited for direct replacement of turbine, magnetic flow and orifice meters.
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Software for Unified Process Management

Used to manage complex batch processes that require maximum flexibility, InBatch 2012 R2 software is integrated with Invensys' ArchestrA System Platform software to provide a unified application and information environment across the complete manufacturing process.
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Reduce the expense of field wiring

Intelligent Marshalling from Houston, Texas-based Invensys Operations Management can eliminate process field rewiring and, indeed, the need for marshalling cabinets entirely. Furthermore, Intelligent Marshalling breaks the dependency between control system design and I/O subsystem installation, says the company.
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System Platform Software with Expanded Supervisory Control

Invensys Operations Management’s ArchestrA System Platform 2012 R2 software features expanded supervisory control, information reporting, analysis and big-data capabilities. Adding to the capabilities of its Wonderware line of products,
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White Papers

The ACA.HF Analyzer: The new standard in safety, simplicity, and accuracy for analyzing HF catalyst

Hydrofluoric acid is a common catalyst used in petroleum processing, and accurate analysis of how much HF is re-circulating within the process contributes significantly to maximizing the yield rate of
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