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Contact: Helen Sztarkman
Phone: (704) 716-7022
Fax: (704) 716-7025


3809 Beam Road Ste K
Charlotte NC 28217
United States

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Bulk Flowmeter

March 20, 2013
The C-Lever® Direct bulk flowmeter uses a unique centrifugal force-based process to deliver reliable and precise measurements of bulks and solids. Read More

The CLEVER Option in Solids & Bulk Handling

February 13, 2013
The C-LEVER flow meter is a dynamic bulk solids flow meter working on the principal of centripetal force. Michael MacClancy M.D. of REMBE® LTD reviews how the product works and provides test data in the article. Read More

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Passive Explosion Isolation Valve

February 22, 2013
The VENTEX valve is designed for gas/dust/air mixtures, with one-way or two-way acting system options available as well as signaling options to meet specific application requirements. Read More

Inlet Isolation Device

November 8, 2012
Industrial processes can result in explosive dust/air mixtures in equipment such as dust collectors, mills and the like. If ignition sources cannot be eliminated due to process conditions, these Read More

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Booklet of Bulk Flow Control

February 12, 2013
C-Lever® Direct bulk flow meter is a unique measurement system for free flowing bulk and solids that actually weighs! The C-Lever® Direct has been optimized to be an extremely reliable and precise measuring system for bulks and solids using a unique centrifugal force-based process. Read More
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