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Flo-Tite Valves & Controls

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Phone: 910-738-8904


Flo-Tite Valves & Controls
PO Box 1293
Lumberton NC 28359
United States

Flo-Tite is a supplier of ball and butterfly valves, pneumatic and electric actuators, and valve automation components. Flo-Tite is known as the one-stop-shop for valve automation. A leader in valve technology, Flo-Tite is one of the few valve suppliers actively solving process control application problems for end user engineers. And in so doing, modifying standard valves for a wide variety on unique applications.

Flo-Tite offers automated valve packages off the shelf eliminating the need for distributors to have to get individual quotes for the valve, the actuator, and the mounting kit, and to incur the cost and time involved with having to assemble an automated valve package. In addition, Flo-Tite routinely provides whatever other components are required, and tests the entire package.

Flo-Tite also has developed universal mounting kits that allow any distributor or maintenance engineer to mount an actuator on a valve. The kits have standard ISO patterns that match the ISO pattern on the top of the valve and the bottom of the actuator. These kits are considerably less expensive than similar mounting kits that are provided by customized mounting kit manufacturers. Flo-Tite has these kits with off the shelf availability.

Lastly, Flo-Tite has an Ask the Experts section on their website where anyone with a question can inquire online about Flo-Tite valves, actuators, and valve automation capabilities.

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