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Automation Products, Inc. - DYNATROL® Division

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Contact: Steve Sawyer
Phone: 713-869-0361


Automation Products, Inc. - DYNATROL® Division
3030 Maxroy Street
Houston TX 77008-6294
United States
For over 55 years Automation Products, Inc. has continued to develop and manufacture DYNATROL® on-line process instruments & controls for: DENSITY, Specific Gravity, Percent Solids, Percent Concentration, API Gravity of liquids and slurries with immediate and continuous response. VISCOSITY continuous in-line measurement of process liquids and slurries. (A separate “stand alone” equipment design is also available.) POINT LEVEL DETECTION of LIQUIDS and SLURRIES. DRY BULK SOLIDS at High, Mid or Low point levels or to locate INTERFACES between liquids and settled solids .

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