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Drive bold progress with Thermo Scientific analytical technologies, instruments, lab equipment, reagents and consumables.

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Multi-parameter Online Water Quality Measurements with Single Unit

A new online process analyzer that measures chlorine and other key water quality parameters is designed to deliver high performance and cost of ownership savings in drinking water, industrial and wastewater treatment applications.

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New Products

Spectrophotometers for Laboratory Water and Wastewater Analysis

Thermo Scientific Orion AquaMate 7000 and 8000 Series spectrophotometers enable water and wastewater lab operators to select UV-Vis wavelengths quickly and easily for accurate concentration measurements.
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Advanced Turbidimeter

Thermo Scientific’s Orion AQ4500 Turbidimeter offers advanced features not available on any other benchtop or portable turbidimeter.

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Water Sampling Bottles

The new range of Thermo Scientific Sterilin Water Sampling Bottles better protect samples against contamination and other damage after collection. Designed for either chlorinated or non-chlorinated water sampling, the new
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Composite Environmental Sampler

The Thermo Scientific Masterflex E/S Composite Environmental Sampler is programmed for operation to meet EPA sampling requirements.

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White Papers

Pumps Provide Superior Abrasive Handling, Significantly Lower Maintenance

Progressive cavity pumps are often selected because they are better than many pump types for moving viscous media at lower velocities and typically have low pulsing flow. However, Masterflex pumps easily handle abrasive materials without seals, stators, rotors or other moving parts in the product stream.
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Thermo Scientific Process Peristaltic Pumps Provide Superior Abrasive Handling, Significantly Lower Maintenance Costs

Masterflex® and Enviroflex® peristaltic pumps easily handle abrasive materials and there are no seals, stators, rotors or other moving parts in the product stream.

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Versatile, High Performance Fluid Handling & Flow Control for Food Processors

Food processors face numerous challenges to achieving efficient fluid handling and flow control. Transferring and dispensing highly viscous products, or products with high concentrations of solids, can each bring a certain set of problems, while handling shear sensitive products can bring a whole other set.
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