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Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.

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Contact: Penny Skinner
Phone: 905-873-7791
Toll Free: 1-855-873-7791


Markland Specialty Engineering Ltd.
305 Armstrong Avenue, Unit 9
Georgetown L7G 4X6

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Markland Sludge Gun

Portable Sludge Blanket Level Detector

March 10, 2014
This handheld detector measures sludge interface levels in municipal wastewater clarifiers, tanks and lagoons and helps to provide valuable sludge level profiles. Read More

New Products

Markland Suspended Solids Density Meter

Suspended Solids Density Meter

August 28, 2014
Markland Specialty Engineering’s Meter measures and monitors the density of process slurries and primary, secondary, return-activated and backwash sludge in pipes, tanks, re-circulation loops and clarifiers. Read More

Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector

April 2, 2013
The Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector from Markland Specialty Engineering helps industrial plants monitor interface levels in clarifiers and other tanks and automate sludge removal. Read More

Suspended Solids Density Meter

March 12, 2013
A new suspended solids density meter from Markland Specialty Engineering monitors industrial slurry/sludge concentrations in tanks and pipelines and allows users to program sludge removal pumps for optimum density. Read More
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