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Contact: Honeywell Customer Support


Honeywell Process Solutions
1250 West Sam Houston Parkway South
Houston TX 77042
United States

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Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Pipeline Monitoring

Honeywell's newest ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to help natural gas producers improve efficiency by more-accurately tracking the movement of gas through pipelines.
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Multi-stream Loading Controller

Honeywell Enraf introduces the Fusion4 MSC-L, the company’s most sophisticated multi-stream controller for loading products from refineries and chemical plants into transports.
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Why use simulators to train operators?

Complexity and an aging workforce addressed with reality-rich models that allow comprehensive approach
In the airlines industry, pilots take responsibility not only for complex and expensive equipment but also hundreds of lives. Flight simulators train pilots for non-typical events like engine failures and water landings, and pilots clock specified amounts of time in simulator training to maintain certifications.
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Risk-based asset management enhanced through real-time modeling tools

Framework juxtaposes corrosion prediction/quantification model data with real-time process conditions and facilitates accurate, relevant risk assessments
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New Products

Plant Control Room Console

Honeywell Process Solutions new Experion® Orion Console builds on Honeywell’s flagship Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) control platform.
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Project Execution and System Management

Honeywell Process Solutions has launched its latest version of Experion® PKS Orion, featuring advanced capabilities that allow industrial plants to implement automation projects faster and more efficiently, while making it easier to manage daily operations.
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The future of plant control rooms come to life

Ergonomic designs and improved display reduce fatigue and promote effectiveness
Honeywell Process Solutions recently announced availability of the Experion Orion Console, an advanced display technology it says brings the plant control room of the future to life and meets the needs of mobile plant operators.
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