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TITAN Metal Fabricators

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Contact: Larry Haubner
Title: Manager-Business Development
Phone: 513.755.3394


TITAN Metal Fabricators
352 Balboa Circle
Camarillo CA 93012
United States

TITAN Metal Fabricators  -
Trusted Around The Globe For Corrosion-Resistant Process Equipment.

TITAN is expert in the manufacture of Corrosion-Resistant Equipment for industry applications where chemically aggressive fluids are part of the process, and where corrosion control is mandatory.

TITAN's specialty is design and manufacture of highly cost-effective process equipment using corrosion-resistant alloys such as Tantalum, Titanium, Zirconium, High Nickel Alloys, and Duplex Stainless Steel.

TITAN Metal Fabricators – Engineered Products Division
TITAN serves companies in the process industries including Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Steel Pickling, Pharmaceutical, Geothermal, Water Desalination, Liquefied Natural Gas, Mining, and Solar Power.  
The Engineered Products team at TITAN focuses on the design and construction of projects designed and built to meet the requirements of the customer, including equipment such as Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Condensers, Distillation Columns, Reactors, Storage Tanks, Piping, Spargers and many other custom engineered fabrications

TITAN Metal Fabricators is known globally for its design and production of custom heat exchangers.  TITAN’s heat exchanger product line includes many variations of the shell and tube family and all TEMA designs including Fixed Tubesheet, U-Bundle, Packed Head, Floating Tubesheet, Kettle Reboilers, Falling Film Evaporators/ Absorbers, Bayonet, Helical Coil, Immersion Coil , and  Double Pipe.

TITAN Metal Fabricators is certified to the major standards of the industry:
AD2000, API, ASME, ASTM, AWS, Chinese GB Code, Japanese JIS, PED, and TEMA

Designs and Capacities of TITAN Metal Fabricators:
Diameter: 20 Feet
Length: 300 Feet
Pressure 2500 psig
Weight: 200 Tons (US)
Welding Thickness: 4"
Tubesheet Drilling: 14" Thick x 120" x 120"

Located in Camarillo, California, TITAN Metal Fabricators is within an easy drive of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for air shipment, and offers convenient access to railroad transportation, and the Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Port Hueneme for international ocean freight.

TITAN can provide answers to your corrosion issues.  Visit or call 805-487-5050 and ask to speak to our Engineered Products Division.

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