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Schenck Process

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Contact: Mike Karas
Title: Director of Marketing
Phone: 816-891-9300


Schenck Process LLC
7901 NW 107th Terrace
Kansas City MO 64153
United States
The name Schenck Process is synonymous with more than 125 years of bulk material handling experience. Originally founded as an iron foundry and weighing machine factory, it has grown to become one of the global market leaders in applied measuring and process technology. In 22 countries on five continents, more than 3,200 employees are developing innovative solutions for weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation and air filtration technology processes. The members of the Schenck Process Group are: Schenck Process, Schenck AccuRate, Stock, Redler, Fairfield, Screenex, Pentec, Clyde Process and Mac Process.

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Mac Process SpaceSaver Dust Collector is Perfect for Compact Areas

Based on customer requests, the unit is up to 75% smaller and features leak-free, durable cartridges. A superior cleaning mechanism with directed airflow makes SpaceSaver the toughest, smallest, most efficient dust collector. Low profile, compact design of the SpaceSaver addresses a need where high efficiency collection is required, yet a small footprint is necessary.

DEA Weighbelt Feeder

For use in industries where precision weighing and metering of dry materials is required, Schenck AccuRate's DEA stainless steel weighbelt feeders provide weight controlled feeding, weight indication and totalization for fragile materials like cereals, snack foods, kibble, fruits, pasta, and fibers.

SolidsFlow Streamout Feeder

Schenck Process' SolidsFlow Model 5000 Streamout Feeder delivers a controlled, continuously uniform flow across the entire length of the feed tray outlet. The result is consistent application and product quality. The SolidsFlow Model 5000 Streamout Feeder incorporates a unique one-piece feed tray that is designed to control and accommodate the material's flow characteristics.The tray works with the material's natural angle of repose preventing any flow when the drive is turned off. No spillage. No run-on.

MECHATRON Feeder Disassembly

Disassembly of a Schenck Process MECHATRON dry material screw feeder.

Schenck Process No-Ledge Coupling

Part of Clean Design Initiative, New Mac Process Quick Clamp No-Ledge Coupling Protects Fragile Products and Speeds Cleaning and Inspection. Unlike a compression coupling, which can have frequent pipe misalignment during installation, the Mac Process Quick Clamp No-Ledge coupling delivers a machined tolerance joint. This ensures proper alignment and creates a ledge-free interior environment on connection points. As a result, friction and crevices which catch product and cause fines are greatly reduced.

PureFeed Pharmaceutical Feeder

The Schenck Process PureFeed® AP-300 feeder was designed specifically for pharmaceutical processes that include the following customer driven features: quick and easy disassembly, a dual arm agitation system for maximizing material handling versatility, and an FDA compliant EPDM feed hopper that is easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. View this video to see how quick and easy the feeder can be disassembled.

SacMaster Bulk Bag Unloader Animation

The Schenck Process SacMaster® bulk bag unloader is designed specifically to include the important features and functions identified by bulk bag manufacturers and users throughout the industry.

Mac Process Cleanable Round Airlock

Schenck Process engineers have increased the use of de-mountable-style valves in dry material pneumatic transfer systems to help customers meet challenging requirements for sanitation and inspection. With the launch of the CRA valve, Schenck Process has taken an important step in a visionary Clean Design Initiative that will supply a complete line of engineered and manufactured cleanable solutions for food and pet food customers.

MCF PowerSaver Dust Collector

View the patented MCF PowerSaver in action. The MCF PowerSaver requires less horsepower than any other baghouse filter in the industry, requiring no integrated plant air to operate, which generates significant savings in both operating and energy costs.

New Products

Energy-efficient Dust Collector

Requiring no integrated plant air to function, the MCF PowerSaver generates energy cost-savings of up to 50% over conventional high pressure pulse jet or reverse air cleaning systems.
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Quick Clean Airlock

The cleanable round airlock (CRA) was designed specifically for food, pet food and chemical industry applications, where equipment must meet challenging sanitary requirements.
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Bulk Bag Unloaders

SacMaster® is a versatile and safe bulk bag unloading system designed specifically to include important features and functions identified by bulk bag manufacturers and users in multiple industries.
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Industrial Air Filtration

Requiring no integrated plant air to function, the MCF PowerSaver generates energy cost-savings of up to 50% over conventional high pressure pulse jet or reverse air cleaning systems.
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High Efficiency Dust Collector

The revolutionary SpaceSaver dust collector is up to 75% smaller than traditional dust collectors, offering a superior cleaning mechanism and long-lasting, leak-free cartridges.
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White Papers

Feeding Solution Drives Production for an Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Wescast Industries chose Schenck AccuRate as their bulk solids metering supplier for the production of exhaust manifolds at their plant. With the use of Schenck AccuRate’s MECHATRON® loss-in-weight screw feeders and DISOCONT® control packages, Wescast Industries has been able to reduce maintenance, work stoppages and production errors in their process line.
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Proper Design of a Hygienic Feeder

Two of Schenck AccuRate’s engineers highlight in detail the design criteria common in all levels of hygienic screw feeders. This information provides processors with guidelines in choosing the right feeders for their production needs.
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Automated Feeding System Increases Production for a New Brick Manufacturing Plant

Brick and Tile Corporation was able to achieve a 400% increase in production with only half the work force by installing a combination of Schenck AccuRate MECHATRON® screw feeders, a SolidsFlow™ Streamout Feeder and a DEA Weighbelt for a brick manufacturing process that was previously handled by manual weighing and feeding it’s raw materials.
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Years of dry material feeding experience led to the creation of the MECHATRON® feeder line. Check out the patented design and features.
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