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Contact: Customer Service
Phone: 715-318-1059


704 Bartlett Ave
Altoona WI 54720
United States

Harnessing the power and user-friendly nature of an app, the Nanospark Controller connects mobile devices to almost any type of sensor or actuator. Designed to make machines smarter and more interactive, the Nanospark Controller allows users to gather useful instrument data and create intuitive custom control systems to manage and improve equipment operations.

Nanospark, comprised of a machine interface controller and a 'smart' device, with a wide variety of sensors and switches. The machine interface controller component has eight digital and six analog inputs as well as eight digital and two analog outputs. The Nanospark Controller App is feature-rich with scheduling capabilities, alert settings, and as a clean, intuitive control panel. For example, a simple process controller app could monitor ph, humidity, air flow and temperature at a remote environmental research station or inside a manufacturing facility.

Learn more about Nanospark by visiting our website.

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