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Contact: Ivy Russell
Title: Business Development Coordinator
Phone: 269-382-8200
Toll Free: 800-427-6260


6002 East N Avenue
Kalamazoo MI 49048
United States
For more than 60 years Hapman has been developing material handling equipment and systems that keep your materials moving where you need them. That’s why you’ll find more than 10,000 Hapman installations worldwide in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, building, minerals and other industries. Each installation offers a solution to specific material handling challenges, delivering expected performance results, guaranteed.

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Screw Feeder for Dry Product Integration

Hapman’s new screw-style feeder is designed to efficiently measure ingredients, for consistent, reliable delivery into your process.
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Hapman adds new design engineer to meet growing industry demand

Floyd Phalen, Hapman Engineering Manager, announced the expansion of Hapman’s custom equipment and turn-key systems design capabilities with the hire of an additional design engineer.
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As production environments evolve, mobile system meets diverse mixing, blending needs

Oil & gas, other industries benefit from ability to mix chemicals at remote job site
Over the last decade, the economics of complex manufacturing have expanded to take into account truly global markets and swift-changing demand.
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New Products

Custom Push for Mechanical Conveying

Hapman has introduced the Push Helix 600 series for quickly and effectively emptying of storage totes or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).
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Tubular Drag Conveyor

Hapman’s Tubular Drag Conveyor is engineered to maintain the integrity of blended product and eliminates segregation.
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Volumetric and Gravimetric Feeders for Dry Bulk Material

Hapman’s PosiPortion feeder precisely feeds a wide range of free-flowing or sluggish bulk solids, granules and powders.
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Lump Breaker for Improved Product Quality and Flow

Durable and economical, Hapman’s LumpMaster® is ideal for breaking natural agglomerations that occur during storage or shipping.
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Vacuum Conveyors for Efficient Bulk Material Handling

Hapman offers a full-line of pneumatic vacuum conveyors, featuring three large capacity units in addition to the standard size conveyors.
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Cost-effective Conveyance for Controlled Horizontal Material Delivery

Hapman’s new Push Helix® screw conveyor is a low cost option for conveying material into a process that requires consistent, controlled delivery without precise measurement.
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Hang-weigh Bulk Bag Filler

Hapman’s hang-weighing option on its mobile bulk bag filler eliminates the need for recalibration after moving the unit to another location.
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Low-clearance Bulk Bag Unloader

Hapman’s new Low-Clearance Bulk Bag Unloader is engineered to operate in low-ceiling facilities where standard unloaders either won’t fit or are difficult to use.
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Vacuum Conveyors Move Material Without Plant Air

Hapman’s line of Vacuum Conveyors effectively conveys powders, granules, flakes and pellets up to 18,000 lb/hr.
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Bulk Bag Unloaders Increase Product Output

Hapman's line of bulk bag unloaders offer a number of options, specifically engineered to meet the unique process demands of manufacturers.
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Expanded line of Vacuum Conveyors

Hapman’s expanded line of Vacuum Conveyors conveys powders, granules, flakes and pellets up to 18,000 lb/hr.
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Oil & gas, other industries benefit from mixing chemicals at remote job site

This mobile mixing system allows dry chemicals to be mixed at a job site as needed. Its makers say this reduces transportation and labor costs; decreases the amount of chemicals needed for a job; eliminates chemical quality variability; and increases the quality or viscosity of the chemicals.
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Bulk Bag Filler with Quick Release Safety Hook Option

The new Quick Release Safety Hook option on Hapman’s bulk bag filler keeps bulk bag straps firmly in place during filling and automatically detaches with a flip of a switch once the bag is full.
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Pneumatic Conveyor

Decrease the need for plant air supply and reduce energy costs by up to 30% with Hapman’s integral regenerative blower technology.
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Powder and Liquid Delivery System

Hapman’s Solidquid powder and liquid delivery system automatically and precisely delivers dry bulk ingredients into a motive liquid stream to convey slurries, solutions or suspensions into mix tanks, blenders or other process equipment.
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Screw-style Feeder

Hapman’s new screw-style U-Trough feeder is designed to efficiently measure ingredients and consistently deliver material to the process.
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Company News

Hapman joins fight against Alzheimer's disease

Hapman, a global leader of material handling equipment and systems, joins the Alzheimer’s Association® in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease with a new cause marketing initiative.
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