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Phone: 1-888-DESPATCH


8860 207TH ST WEST
Minneapolis MN 55044
Product Description: Heat Processing, Sterilization and Environmental Test and Simulation Equipment. Primary products are industrial heat processing systems, including: batch and continuous process ovens and furnaces for heat treating a variety of materials; aluminum solution heat treat and glycol quench management systems; controlled atmosphere infrared conveyorized ovens and furnaces; magnet annealing tools, burn-in ovens; laboratory ovens; ovens used in painting and drying textile and pharmaceutical depyrogenation ovens; and sterilization systems; infrared. Products also include high performance, state-of-the art environmental simulation chambers, Class 1-100 clean room ovens and furnaces, polyamide and photo-resist cure ovens, mini-environments and clean process automation equipment, as well as temperature/humidity and thermal shock chambers. Supporting these products is Despatch Service Products Group, providing full warranty support, preventive maintenance, remedial repair, and a substantive repair parts inventory. Service agreements are available on request.

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