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Phone: 800-200-4603


Oil Skimmers, Inc.
P.O. Box 33092
12800 York Rd
Cleveland OH 44133
United States

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Oil Skimming System

The Oil Skimmers Model 6V Brill™ oil skimming system is a dependable, cost-effective and uncomplicated solution for removing oily waste from water during the manufacturing and waste treatment process.
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White Papers

Easy-To-Use, Long-Lasting Oil Skimmers Effectively Remove Fats, Oils from Water

For more than 20 years, J.W. Treuth & Sons Inc., a kosher slaughterhouse based in Baltimore County, Md., has used a Model 5H oil skimmer from Oil Skimmers, Inc. to remove fats, oils and greases (FOG) from kill-floor wastewater.
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Oil Skimmer Makes Oil Water Separator More Efficient

Oil water separators are used in industrial facilities to separate oil from waste water, but separators do not provide an efficient method of removing oil once it has been separated
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Simple Way to Reduce Costs and Increase Profit: A Case Study in Chicken Processing

Brakebush Brothers, a family-owned manufacturer of chicken products that has been operating since 1925, runs their plant 24-hours a day. They use cooking oil during their processing and after cleaning
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How Food Producers can Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency in their Wastewater Treatment System

This article outlines six steps to follow in designing, installing, and starting up a storage vessel that successfully handles your bulk material under your operating conditions.
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The Challenge of Removing Surface Oil

Imagine tackling your greatest production challenge quickly, easily and inexpensively. Now imagine tackling your greatest production challenge quickly, easily and inexpensively – and even generating a profit while doing
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Case Study: The Model 5H Oil Skimmer Helps Vancouver Tank Wash Facility Meet Municipal Wastewater Regulations

Download this FREE white paper to learn how you can easily remove waste oil in a cost-effective and efficient manner, all while generating a profit.
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Solving waste oil management and removal problems in power generating plants

Waste Oil Recovery Turns Cost to Profit

For Bluffton Aeration Service Inc. (BASI), purchasing an oil skimmer was more than a cost-effective method for recovering waste oil - it has been invaluable in reducing costs, generating
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