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Bematek Systems, Inc.

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Bematek Systems, Inc.
96 Swampscott Road Unit 7
Salem MA 01970

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In-line wet mixer processes all product without bypass

July 27, 2009
A high-speed in-line mixer that processes all product directly through a patented mixing head and can be configured to meet precise user requirements. The In-Line Wet Mixer features their Read More

Colloid mill lab system scaleable to full in-line production

March 17, 2008
A wet-process, colloid mill laboratory system for achieving total control over the end process for emulsifying, dispersion, and particle size reduction is being introduced by Bematek Systems, Inc. The Read More

In-line mixing head eliminates need for multiple mixers

October 8, 2007
A patented, modular multi-shear mixing head for their in-line mixers that eliminates the need for multiple passes, recirculation, or several mixing machines is available from Bematek Systems, Inc. The Bematek Read More

New Products

Colloid Mill Provides Final Process for Viscous Products

August 24, 2011
The Bematek Z-Series Colloid Mill features a high shear in-line mixing head that processes emulsions and dispersions through a series of rotors and stators to produce a uniform and consistent Read More

Laboratory Mixing System for In-line Process Development

March 10, 2011
New in-line multi-component laboratory pilot system is designed for blending multiple streams of fluids and manufacturing homogeneous emulsions, dispersions and blends. The system for in-line multi-component process development is suitable Read More

In-Line Wet Mixers Assure Smooth and Creamy Texture

September 15, 2010
The modular, high shear in-line dynamic mixers can be used for producing creams, lotions, and ointments that require a homogeneous, smooth, and creamy texture. The wet-mix process systems combine a Read More

Homogenization Test Laboratory Evaluates In-Line Process Feasibility

March 31, 2010
The Homogenization Test Laboratory was developed for manufacturers of dispersions, emulsions, and slurries that require complete consistency and repeatability. Utilizing a dynamic in-line mixer or high shear colloid mill featuring Read More

Stainless steel sanitary colloid mills with flow-thru design

December 10, 2009
The sanitary wet-mixing colloid mills process all particles through a single mixing head that processes all particles through a rotor and stator; exposing them to the same shear action Read More

Easy-to-clean in-line wet mixer minimizes waste

April 20, 2009
The in-line mixer systems are high-speed, easy-to-clean, and rapidly disperse materials in liquids to enhance a product’s stability, viscosity, texture, color, or flavor. The high-speed mixer passes the entire Read More

Dynamic In-line Mixer adapts to changing product life cycles

January 14, 2009
A dynamic in-line mixer for lean manufacturing environments that features a patented modular design to let users easily adapt to different products and recipes is available from Bematek Systems, Read More
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