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Contact: Mary Pund
Phone: 800-854-1993


FCI-Fluid Components International
1755 La Costa Meadows Dr.
San Marcos CA 92078
United States

Fluid Components International solves flow and level measurement applications for industrial process and plant applications using patented thermal dispersion flow measurement technologies. With more than 40 years experience and the world’s largest installed base of thermal dispersion instruments, you can count on FCI to know your application and have proven solutions that will save you time and expense.

FCI was founded in 1964 in Canoga Park, California area. In 1980, we relocated our corporate and manufacturing facility to San Marcos, California (near San Diego). In order to support our increasing international customer base, we opened our European Sales and Service Center in the Netherlands in 1993. In January 2003, FCI added the coveted AS9000 certificate to our certifications portfolio.

Our design, manufacturing and calibration systems, processes and facilities are continuously reviewed, audited and accepted by the major industry leaders. Our Industrial Division provides flow, liquid level, interface and temperature sensors utilizing thermal dispersion flow measurement technologies. Our world-class Flow and Level Calibration Facility is continually being improved, expanded and upgraded to meet our customer's increasing requirements.

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FCI Video: FLT93 as Interface Device

FLT93 as Interface Device

FCI Video: The Importance Of Flow Meter Calibration

Accurate calibration of flow meters to the specific fluid and application environment ensures accurate performance. Tour the in-house FCI Flow Calibration Laboratory.

FCI Video: In-Situ Flow Meter Calibration Solution

Validating flow meter calibration is no longer a labor-intensive, costly or challenging task. Learn how to verify flow meter calibration in minutes without removing the meter from the pipe or process.

FCI Video: Setting Relay Contact Alarms On The FLT93 Flow/Level/Temperature Switch

Tutorial demonstrates how to monitor flow or level by setting relay contact alarms on the FLT93 Flow/Level/Temperature Switch.

FCI Video: FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor Control Button Functions

Tutorial demonstrates how to use Control Buttons on the FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor for the monitoring of fluid samples in process analyzer systems.

FCI Video: Process Analyzer Fluid Sample Monitoring Ensures Accurate Data

Even the most sophisticated Process Analyzer Systems can't operate effectively without a proper fluid or gas sample. Learn how to avoid this problem with a new sample monitoring solution from FCI.

FCI Video: Flat Panel Flow Conditioning Simplifies Installation

Learn how to increase flow meter accuracy and measurement repeatability in turbulent pipeline flows with an advanced flow conditioning technology featuring a unique panel design


Aeration Flowmeter with Profibus Bus PA

Wastewater treatment plant engineers searching for a solution to flow measurement in aeration basins that is Profibus PA compatible will find Fluid Components International’s precision ST100 Thermal Mass Flow Meter provides superior accuracy combined with digital bus communication flexibility to reduce air flow energy costs.
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FLT93 as Interface Device

FCI’s FLT93 Series are the most popularly installed heavy duty thermal dispersion flow and level switches in the world. The reasons are simple; FLT93s were developed from more than 40 years of flow and level switch engineering and application experience to deliver the most reliable, repeatable, rugged and longest life industrial grade switch products found anywhere.

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A different kind of security blanket

Refinery turns to thermal mass flowmeter for safety-critical nitrogen tank-blanketing
An independent Midwest refiner recently approved a project to improve plant safety and reduce costs for nitrogen gas used for tank blanketing.
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New Products

Flowmeter Optimizes Plant Burner Fuel-to-Air Ratio

The advanced ST75 Air/Gas Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI), which measures fuel gas, process gas, inert gas, waste gases and air in small line sizes, is ideal for optimizing the fuel-to-air ratio for plant burner-boiler control, reducing plant fuel costs while protecting the environment
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Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flowmeter

The ST100 Series Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) has received ATEX and IECEx approvals, assuring FCI’s customers that the ST100 Flow Meter has been designed and tested for safe operation in potentially hazardous environments.
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White Papers

Greenhouse Gas Flow Monitoring

The EPA has implemented new regulations entitled, “Mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases.” Measuring the flow of industrial process flue gas is a challenge. This paper will guide you through a flowmeter
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Digester Biogas Flow Measurement

Find out how the engineers at a municipal wastewater treatment utility expanded their biogas digester system and sought an improvement over their existing, maintenance-intensive flow metering technology.
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Product Demos

FCI ST100 interactive demo

With FCI's new ST100 Series, the science of process gas flow metering has never been so advanced. Use this interactive demo to select the ST100 for your application.
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