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Foxboro unit of Invensys Process Systems

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Contact: Customer Satisfaction Center
Phone: 866-746-6477


Foxboro unit of Invensys Process Systems
33 Commercial St.
Foxboro 02035
Foxboro manufactures a wide range of advanced control systems and measurement products. These include both small-scale Foxboro A2 process control systems and large-scale I/A Series automation systems; plus Foxboro intelligent pressure, level, flow, temperature, and electrochemical transmitters; magnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, coriolis mass flowmeters, and intellegent positioners.

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Invensys Foxboro Triconex

Process Automation System

November 13, 2013
With advanced tools and applications delivered across a high-speed, fault-tolerant and cyber-secure hardware platform, the Foxboro Evo process automation system was designed to improve operational insight and integrity. Read More

Company News

Invensys Foxboro Triconex

Invensys Foxboro unveils next-generation control system

September 11, 2013
Invensys Foxboro on Tuesday unveiled what it says is Invensys’ next-generation control system, “the Foxboro Evo process automation system.” Read More
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