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Yokogawa Corporation of America

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Contact: Allan Rainwater
Phone: 770-254-0400


Yokogawa Corporation of America
2 Dart Rd.
Newnan 30265
Yokogawa Corporation of America is the North American unit of $4 billion Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a manufacturer of instrumentation, process control, and automation solutions. Products include analyzers, flowmeters, transmitters, controllers, recorders, data acquisition products, meters, instruments, distributed control systems and more.

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Yokogawa multi-protocol wireless adaptor

Multi-protocol Wireless Adaptor

February 21, 2014
Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed a multi-protocol wireless adaptor that enables wired field instruments or analytical sensors to be used as ISA100 Wireless™ devices. Read More
oil platform

Yokogawa to supply integrated control and safety systems for Cygnus Development Project

January 29, 2013
The ICSS will feature Yokogawa’s CENTUM VP process automation system, ProSafe-RS safety system, Exaquantum production management solution and PRM asset management package. Read More

New Modules for Power and Upstream Oil and Gas Applications

March 16, 2011
New modules were recently released for the STARDOM™ network-based control system. The new modules include control modules with the high speed and reliability required for small- to medium-size turbomachinery, a Read More

New Products

Yokogawa Energy Performance Analytics

Energy Performance Analytics Software

September 9, 2014
Yokogawa Electric Corp.'s Energy Performance Analytics (EP-Analytics) software tool uses energy performance indicators (EnPI) to track how energy is being consumed in a plant. Read More
Yokogawa YS1000 Series Single Loop Controllers

Single Loop Controllers

July 16, 2014
Yokogawa Electric Corp.'s new YS1000 series single loop controllers feature a new TFT LCD with improved display characteristics and a design that facilitates easy maintenance. Read More
Yokogawa SENCOM pH/ORP sensor

Digital pH/ORP Sensor

December 4, 2013
Yokogawa Corporation of America has released the new SENCOM platform product series for the digital measurement of pH and ORP. Read More
Yokogawa Stardom control system

Open Network Control System

September 19, 2013
STARDOM is an open network control system consisting of components with control, operation and monitoring functionality. Read More
Yokogawa Fieldeye II camera for plant monitoring

All-weather CCD Color Camera for Plant Monitoring

August 19, 2013
Yokogawa Electric Corp. has released the first model in the new FIELDEYE II series of all-weather CCD cameras for the monitoring of plant facilities and premises. Read More
Yokogawa CA700 Portable Pressure Calibrator

Portable Pressure Calibrator

July 15, 2013
The new Yokogawa CA700 Portable Pressure Calibrator is equipped with a silicon resonant sensor that uses Yokogawa proprietary DPHARP technology. Read More

Dual Bent Tube Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

April 4, 2013

The RotaMASS LR dual bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeter employs a proven dual-bent-tube design and represents a significant advance to Yokogawa’s RotaMASS Low Flow Line product family for gas and liquid flow measurement.

Read More

SCADA Real-time Management and Visualization Software

October 10, 2012
Yokogawa Electric Corp.’s FAST/TOOLS® SCADA web-based real-time management and visualization software suite delivers a comprehensive solution that brings together the company’s process management infrastructure, expertise and ecosystem support for Read More

Clamp-on Process Meter

September 6, 2012
The CL420 Clamp-on Process Meter from Yokogawa Corp. of America will safely measure 0-120 mA DC process control signals without breaking the loop. The CL420 is ideal for applications Read More

Integrated Production Control System

June 21, 2012
Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the development of Release 5.02 of the CENTUM® VP integrated production control system, the company’s flagship product. Yokogawa has been continuously developing and enhancing CENTUM VP Read More

2-Wire Transmitter

March 28, 2012
The Yokogawa FLXA21® is the new generation of two-wire liquid transmitters with a new modular design for continuous on-line measurements in industrial installations. It provides the flexibility for either single Read More

Controller with Ultra High Speed CPU

February 23, 2012
The Yokogawa Corporation of America is proud to announce the newest addition to the FA-M3 PLC family, the Vitesse Controller. The FA-M3 has been designed and is best known for Read More

Single Loop Controller Qualified for Nuclear Safety and Seismic Applications

January 18, 2012
Unlike its predecessors, Yokogawa’s YS1700 Single Loop Controller has improved features such as dual CPUs with automatic fail over, which provides display and manual control capability if an abnormality occurs Read More

New Sensor Wiring Guide

December 12, 2011
The New Sensor Wiring Guide from Yokogawa Corporation of America includes all Yokogawa-designed and supported sensors and analyzers across the entire liquid measurement product line. The Sensor Wiring Guide can Read More

Glass Rotameter

November 15, 2011
Yokogawa introduces the new Glass Rotameter RAGN, designed to offer an unlimited lifetime combined with safe and virtually maintenance-free operation. The RAGN resists highly corrosive media and is used for Read More

High-throughput Cytological Discovery System

October 25, 2011
The CellVoyager™ CV7000 high-throughput cytological discovery system from Yokogawa Electric Corporation has four times as wide an imaging area as their previous model and surpasses that model’s industry leading throughput. Read More

Wireless Multi-input Temperature Transmitter

October 4, 2011
Built on the ISA100.11a industrial automation wireless communication standard, the new YTMX580 wireless multi-input temperature transmitter from Yokogawa is battery powered and features an industry-leading eight analog input channels, each Read More

Field Wireless Devices Based on ISA100.11a

April 28, 2011
Field wireless devices based on the ISA100.11a1 industrial wireless communications standard include an EJX-B series differential pressure and pressure transmitter, a YTA series temperature transmitter, and an integrated field wireless Read More
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