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Contact: Grant Bistram
Phone: 800-544-7769


3000 Campus Drive
Minneapolis MN 55441
Established as the industry’s leading brand in proximity sensors, the TURCK name is synonymous with high-quality, rugged proximity sensing devices and automation controls. Now, users can expect that same quality in a full range of automation technologies such as Encoders, RFID Systems, Network Devices & Interfaces, LDT’s, Inductive Analog Sensors, Flow & Pressure, Intrinsic Safety Products, and Connectivity Products to provide solutions for the most demanding industrial applications.

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Rotary Inductive Sensor Delivers 360-Degree Angular Measurement

Rotary inductive sensors provide 360-degree angular measurement, and utilize resistance inductive capacitance (RLC) measuring technology rather than a traditional magnetic positioning element — delivering complete immunity to EMC interference. The
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Three- and Four-Branch Tees Simplify, Speed Cable Tray Wiring

The h-style (3-branch) and H-style (4-branch) M16 tees are ideal for saving valuable field installation time and hassle in comparison to hard-wired cable tray installations. The tees are available in
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