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Contact: Molly Bragg
Phone: 410-636-2250


808 Barkwood Court, Suite N
Linthicum MD 21090
United States

Flowrox Inc. is a part of Flowrox Group, which is headquartered in Lappeenranta Finland. Flowrox offers reliable solutions for abrasive, corrosive and other demanding shut-off, control, pumping and dosing applications, serving a wide range of process industries worldwide. The main focus is on Mining & Minerals and Energy, Construction & Environment industries. With 30 years of experience in elastomer technology, Flowrox is the benchmark for heavy duty valves and pumps.

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New Products

Valve for Heavy Duty Processes

The Flowrox PVG valve for heavy duty processes is now available with a pneumatic actuator.
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Online, Pipe Scaling and Fouling Measurement Solution

Flowrox Scaling Watch is an accurate solution for online, pipe scaling or fouling measurement. The system monitors scaling thickness and growth online and calculates free volume index.
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Industrial Valve for Processing Abrasive and Corrosive Substances

Flowrox, a global leader in heavy-duty industrial valve manufacturing and service, is launching a new pinch valve product designed to enhance current pipeline equipment and processes using the latest technology in fluid control.
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Featured Articles

From Finland to the world

Heavy-duty valve, pump maker plans further geographic and product line expansion
The thing we call globalization was early taken advantage of — was in fact first accomplished by —industrial mega-corporations with the means to distribute product worldwide. The next step taken was to position productive capacity in regional configurations.
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White Papers

Flowrox Announces New Technology to Manage Pipeline Scaling

Flowrox, a global leader in heavy-duty industrial valve manufacturing and service, is introducing the Flowrox Scaling Watch, a new product designed for the precise measurement of scale in pipelines and other fluid control environments.
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New, Unique Flowrox Progressive Cavity Pump

Flowrox Progressive Cavity Pumps are for various industrial applications, especially the most demanding industrial slurry and paste pumping and waste water treatment. A progressive cavity pump consists of two major
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Operating Characteristics and Maintenance Requirements of Hose Pumps

Increasing the Economy of Biomass Flow Control with Tailor-made Solutions

LPP Pumps Reduce Environmental Burden and Cut Down Life-Cycle Costs

During the last decade the importance of environmental awareness has risen dramatically and industrial operators must consider the consequences of their actions on a larger scale. The innovative Larox Peristaltic
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Improving Silo Isolation with Pinch Valves

LPP-T Pump Progression in Hamilton, OH Plant

Flowrox provides a Hamilton, Ohio Power Plant with one 2.5in. LPP-T pump in place of a conventional 4in. pump for their limestone slurry. The Ohio Plant saved thousands of
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Pinch Valves for Demanding Tasks

Is Lime Souring Your Valve Operation?

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Flowrox Group, which is specializing in high technology industrial valves and pumps for demanding applications, has expanded their China and Russia branches. Both Flowrox LLC in Russia and Flowrox Co., Ltd. in China have started their operation and their future is looking bright.
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