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Membrana Liqui-Cel

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Contact: Sales Coordinator
Phone: 704-587-8888


13800 S Lakes Drive
Charlotte NC 28273
United States
Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors have been used for 15+ years for degassing liquids. O2 removal to 1ppb and CO2 removal to 1ppm in the semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, medical/analytical, beverage and other industries are common applications. O2, for example, is corrosive and negatively impacts many processes. CO2 negatively impacts performance of EDI and Ion Exchange. The contactors tolerate high pressures/temperatures and they process flow rates from < 10 ml/min to hundreds of M3/hr. They are used extensively in boiler feedwater degassing to prevent boiler corrosion without chemical addition. They also have a positive impact on yields in high-purity degassing applications. The liqui-cel website provides information on all membrane products and there is an animated tour that shows the visitor the insides of the contactor and how the contactors work.

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Using cold boiler feed water for energy recovery

Feeding membrane deaerated cold boiler feed water to appropriate units will enable waste heat to replace substantial steam duty in a refinery
Steam at different pressure levels is used for many purposes in refineries, including power production (steam turbines), heating, steam tracing, stripping, atomising and deaeration.
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Integration of Membrana Ultrafiltration and Gas Transfer Membrane Technologies Produces High Quality Water and Controls Corrosion in Cooling Water System

By incorporating Membrana UF and Gas Transfer Membrane (GTM) a resort customer was able to reduce the risk of contaminating its cooling water and protect other system components from corrosion. The compact systems exceeded performance expectations and reduced maintenance and operating costs while maximizing the available space.
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