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National Instrument Company

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Contact: Mary Burchard
Phone: 800-526-1301


National Instrument Company
4119 Fordleigh Road
Baltimore MD 21215
National Instrument Company is a manufacturer of liquid filling systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, specialty chemical and food industries. Our product line consists of semi-automatic and automatic equipment that packages viscous, semi-viscous and waterlike products, ranging from DNA to detergent. Specially engineered systems provide easy set-up and quick changeover. Integrated systems, uniquely structured with a small footprint, eliminate the need for multiple pieces of equipment. Improved efficiency and increased production are easily managed by an individual operator. In business for more than 50 years, National Instrument Company prides itself in state of the art technology that enables even the novice operator to become a one-person production line. Visit our website at and click on the Introduction Video icon for a demonstration of the products and services we provide.

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