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Thompson Scale Company

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Contact: Alan Vaught
Phone: 713-932-9071


Thompson Scale Company
2758 Bingle Road
Houston TX 77055
Thompson Scale is a leading manufacturer of checkweighing systems, packaging machinery controls, and custom production scales. Our complete line of in-motion checkweighers provide quality control by weight to ensure that all packages shipped are at their target weight. They assist manufacturing companies with issues such as product giveaway, product shorts, shipping weights, and the critical batching process. Thompson Scale’s highly accurate small package (5 g - 10 kg), intermediate (1 lb - 110 lbs), and heavy-duty (1 lb - 500 lbs) checkweighers offer quick and simple operation. They are available in various configurations to meet specific requirements: food grade (compliant applications), washdown and corrosive applications, as well as hazardous environments. Unlike other in-motion scales, these checkweighers do not require the use of photo-eyes to detect the presence of a package crossing the scale. The controllers for these checkweighers can hold 75 unique product recipes in memory and display useful information on production. Thompson Scale has provided high quality products and innovative solutions for over 30 years. Visit our website at for more information on our products and how they can reduce costs and maximize your profits.

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