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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.

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Contact: David Jackson
Phone: 800-956-4937


Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.
1221 East Main Street
Palmyra PA 17078-9518
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd. (PMSL) is the premier supplier of industrial mixing solutions to chemical processing, water and wastewater treatment, mineral processing, FGD, petroleum tank storage industries. Service All Mixers and Drive Exchange reduce downtime.

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Side Entry Mixers

The Cutlass BSE-R mixer from Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd., features an easy-to-remove cartridge-style mechanical seal allowing more room to access and maintain bearings and seals.
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Impeller selection depends on non-Newtonian fluids’ mixing intricacies

Unique impellers for viscosities too low for helical ribbon impellers, too high for turbines or hydrofoils
Most viscous fluids processed in industry are non-Newtonian, i.e., their viscosities are dependent on the shear rates exerted on them by agitator impellers or their velocities flowing through pipes.
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