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Kaeser Compressors

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Phone: 800-777-7873


Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
PO Box 946
Fredericksburg VA 22404
United States

With a heritage that extends back to 1919, Kaeser Compressors is an industry leader in industrial compressed air equipment, including rotary lobe and rotary screw blower packages, rotary screw compressors, vacuum pumps, portable diesel screw compressors, air treatment components, and other system accessories.

Wastewater treatment plants across the country rely on us for air system solutions engineered for long life and continuous energy savings. Our products represent continuing advances in innovation, technology, and performance. Kaeser’s built for a lifetime™ quality coupled with our commitment to energy efficiency provide our customers with the lowest life-cycle costs possible.

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Compact Refrigerated Dryers

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. has released a new line of refrigerated dryers for use with rotary compressors up to 40 hp. Kaeser's Kryosec TAH-TCH series of refrigerated dryers feature the best in German engineering and handle flows from 12 – 159 cfm.
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New Products

Comprehensive Design & Installation Support

Kaeser is always at your service to help design and optimize your air system. From complex installations to challenging environments to limited space, Kaeser can design a system to meet your specific requirements for performance and reliability.
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Blower Controller

Kaeser’s Sigma Air Manager (SAM) 3D combines industrial PC and Internet technology to improve operations with more stable pressure and lower energy costs.
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Multi-blower System Controls

Kaeser’s Sigma Air Manager (SAM) can control up to 16 blowers and only turns them on when needed to meet air demand. This improves pressure stability, reduces energy use, and equalizes blower run time.
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White Papers

Energy Efficient System Design for Wastewater Treatment Plants: A System Splitting Approach

Energy is the single highest operating cost in a wastewater treatment plant, with energy to operate blowers for aeration being the single highest energy consumer. This paper outlines the traditional approach to wastewater treatment plant design and the efficiency problems associated with it, as well as explains system-splitting, an alternate design approach with key efficiency gains.
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Sales Brochures

Kaeser Compressors Rotary Blowers and Packages Brochure

The Rotary Blowers and Packages brochure covers the wide range of Kaeser's product offerings for the full line of rotary screw and rotary lobe blowers. Kaeser’s blowers are designed for reliability, long life and efficient performance. Our standard package design features a full scope of supply that is unmatched in the industry.
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Kaeser Compressors Rotary Lobe Blower Packages Brochure

The brochures covers the Omega rotary lobe blower packaged units. These blowers are available in standard or customized blower packages with high-efficiency motors, v-belt drives, silencers and inlet filters. Sound enclosures reduce noise levels up to 20 dB(A). Available from 3 to 250 hp and flow capacities to 3200 cfm.
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Kaeser Compressors At a Glance: Products for a Complete Air System Brochure

The At a Glance brochure covers Kaeser’s complete line of air system products, including Sigma rotary screw compressors, Mobilair portable compressors, rotary screw and rotary lobe blowers, vacuum packages, air treatment products, system controls, and much more. The brochure also includes Kaeser’s comprehensive system design and energy optimization services.
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Rotary Screw Blower Packages

Kaeser screw blowers are up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary blowers and achieve significant energy savings when compared to currently available screw blowers.
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The Kaeser Experience

As a global leader in manufacturing compressed air systems, Kaeser’s goal is to provide exceptional customer service coupled with innovative products and progressive system solutions.
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