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Contact: Doreen Goodrich
Title: Marketing Communications Manager
Phone: 978-988-5309
Toll Free: 800-282-8823


Watson-Marlow Pumps Group
37 Upton Technology Park
Wilmington MA 01887
United States
Watson-Marlow is the world leader in peristaltic pumping solutions. For over 50 years they have been solving fluid handling problems using state-of-the-art pumping technology. Our pumps deliver the best combination of pump and drive technology meeting the accuracy and control demands for tough applications

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Watson-Marlow Chemical Metering Pumps

Peristaltic Chemical Metering Pumps and Tubes

August 4, 2014
Watson-Marlow offers a wide range of peristaltic chemical metering pumps and tubes, capable of handling flows from 0.0015 GPD to 17.6M and up to 100 psi. Read More
Watson-Marlow Qdos 60 peristaltic metering pumps

Peristaltic Metering Pump

July 28, 2014
Watson-Marlow Pumps Group's Qdos 60 peristaltic metering pump is designed to reduce chemical metering costs compared to conventional solenoid or stepper-driven diaphragm metering pumps. Read More
Watson-Marlow 400RXMD OEM pumps

OEM Pumps for Surgical Ablation

January 22, 2013
Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has unveiled a new range of 400RXMD OEM pumps, specifically designed for the surgical ablation market. Read More

Qdos Pump Range on Display at WEFTEC 2012

September 27, 2012
Watson-Marlow will showcase its revolutionary Qdos 30 pump range at WEFTEC 2012 on Oct. 1 - 3 in Booth 2837, Hall D at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. Read More
Watson-Marlow Qdos Pump

Pumps for Chemical Metering Applications

June 19, 2012
Developed in response to extensive industrial customer feedback for improved chemical metering, the Qdos 30 pump range eliminates ancillary equipment, enhances productivity and reduces chemical waste. Read More

High-Pressure Chemical Injection Pumps

February 7, 2012
Watson-Marlow’s 520RE high-pressure chemical metering pump is ideal for applications requiring accurate metering, dosing and transferring of harsh chemicals. The 520RE offers flows to 55 GPH and pressures to 100 Read More


Peristaltic pumps for metering apps reduce chemical costs as much as 20%

April 1, 2014
Technology advocates never fail to tout early-adopter benefits. These can include capturing the attention of collaborating suppliers and partners, being seen as an industry trendsetter and early access to emerging, productivity-enhancing solutions. Read More

New Products

Watson-Marlow Qdos 60 Chemical Metering Pumps

Chemical Metering Pumps

September 12, 2014
Watson-Marlow Pumps Group will showcase its new Qdos 60 chemical metering pumps at WEFTEC 2014. Read More
Watson Marlow skid system

Turnkey Peristaltic Chemical Metering Systems

April 9, 2014
Watson-Marlow will showcase its turnkey peristaltic chemical metering systems at ACE 2014 in Booth 714 at the Convention & Exhibition Center, in Boston. Read More
Flexicon Accusil tubing

Tubing for Filling Systems

October 4, 2013
Flexicon's next-generation of Accusilâ„¢ high accuracy dispensing tubing has been developed for use with their peristaltic fillers. Read More
Watson-Marlow turnkey peristaltic chemical metering system

Turnkey Skid Systems

July 25, 2013
Watson-Marlow will showcase its turnkey peristaltic chemical metering systems at WEFTEC 2013 from Oct. 7-9, in Booth 2416 in Chicago. Read More

Sodium Hypochlorite Pump for Wastewater Applications

April 16, 2013
Watson-Marlow's 620 series pump for sodium hypochlorite combines power and control for wastewater treatment applications. Read More

Breakthrough Products


A peristaltic pump for chemical metering nixes valve maintenance

December 1, 2012
Watson-Marlow says its Qdos 30 pump range, introduced this June, is the first peristaltic pump specified for chemical-metering applications. The pump is said to deliver accurate, linear and repeatable flow performance from 0.0002 to 8.0 gallons per hour (GPH) at 100 PSI. There are no seals or valves in the flow path to clog, leak or corrode. Read More
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