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Phone: 989-723-7838


Tri-Mer Corp.
1400 Monroe St.
P.O. Box 730
Owosso MI 48867

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How Argueso achieved consistent 99 percent efficiency standard for particulate emissions

August 7, 2006
M. Arg├╝eso & Co. produces casting wax blends for the investment casting industry, wax products to stabilize parts during machining, and specialty wax blends for cosmetic, sculpture, jewelry and other Read More

Pulse jet collector for dusts over 5 microns

June 29, 2004
Pulse jet dust collectors are well-suited for sanitary food and drug manufacturing, pneumatic conveying, central vacuum cleaning and applications requiring explosion protection. Each dust collector is custom-engineered to a specific Read More

Scrubber produces zero odor at the stack

February 14, 2003
Multi-use, high-efficiency wet scrubber eliminates odors from a wide variety of industrial sources. Units are available in vertical and horizontal designs. Scrubber produces a condition of zero odor at the Read More

New Products

Environmental Control Booth

December 12, 2011
The Tri-Flow Environmental Booth provides manufacturing, process and job shop facilities with an exceptionally efficient, new option for in-plant enclosures. It is the ideal choice for companies who want to Read More

New Filter Technology Combines HEPA-like Performance, a MERV 16 Rating and Self-Cleaning Advantage

August 15, 2011
Tri-Mer Corp. a technology company specializing in air pollution control systems, has introduced Tri-Flow, a new filtration concept that delivers HEPA-like performance with a MERV 16 rating. Tri-Flow Compact filters Read More
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