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Hapman (Europe)

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Contact: Krzysztof Matuszewski
Toll Free: +48 77 / 402-40 16


Hapman (Europe)

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Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor

Hapman’s versatile tubular drag chain conveyor gently moves material on multiple planes and in any direction from numerous inlets and outlets.
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New Products

Drag Conveying Technology for High-volume Material Handling Applications

The Hapman conveyor uses heavy-duty AR plate construction and the industry’s longest-lasting drop-forged chain with fully carburized, case hardened links.
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Conveyor Keeps Mixed and Blended Materials from Segregating

Unlike other conveyor technologies, Hapman’s tubular drag conveyor not only moves material into the mixing process, it smoothly conveys blended materials from your mixer without separation.
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Low-clearance Bulk Bag Unloader

Hapman’s new Low-Clearance Bulk Bag Unloader is engineered to operate in low-ceiling facilities where standard unloaders either won’t fit or are difficult to use.
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Pneumatic Conveyor

Decrease the need for plant air supply and reduce energy costs by up to 30% with Hapman’s integral regenerative blower technology.
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