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Contact: David Boger, Sales Mgr
Phone: 888-FLEXICON (1-888-353-9426)


Flexicon Corp.
2400 Emrick Blvd.
Bethlehem PA 18020-8006
United States

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Flexicon Plant-wide weigh batching system

Plant-wide Weigh Batching System

September 12, 2014
An automated Plant-wide Weigh Batching System engineered by Flexicon Corporation simultaneously weighs up to seven major ingredients received in bulk bags and unlimited minor ingredients received in 50 lb (23 kg) sacks, pails or boxes. Read More
Flexicon Bulk Bag Weigh Batching System

Bulk Bag Weigh Batch System with Pneumatic and Flexible Screw Conveyors

July 14, 2014
An automated Bulk Bag Weigh Batching System from Flexicon Corporation feeds ingredients to a central weigh hopper at mezzanine level using four flexible screw conveyors and transports pre-weighed batches to a downstream blender using a pneumatic conveying system. Read More
Flexicon Bag Weigh Batching System

Bulk Bag Weigh Batch System with Pneumatic and Flexible Screw Conveyors

April 10, 2014
An automated bulk bag weigh batching system from Flexicon Corp. feeds ingredients to a central weigh hopper at mezzanine level using four flexible screw conveyors. Read More
Flexicon sanitary tilt-down flexible screw conveyor

Tilt-down Flexible Screw Conveyor

January 15, 2014
Flexicon's new Sanitary Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor on a caster-mounted frame can be maneuvered through narrow aisles and around corners. Read More
Flexicon bulk bag filling system

Bulk Bag Filling System

December 17, 2013
A new Flexicon Bulk Bag Filling System for ultra-heavy-duty applications fills bulk bags with aggregates, abrasive minerals, powdered metals, dry chemical additives, filter press cake and other difficult-to-handle bulk materials. Read More
Flexicon Bag Dumping System

Bag Dumping System

July 23, 2013
A new Flexicon Bag Dumping System with glove box, bag compactor and flexible screw conveyor isolates bulk material from the operator and plant environment throughout opening, dumping and compaction of bags and the conveying of material downstream. Read More

New Products

Flexicon mobile bulk bag filling system

Mobile Bulk Bag Filling System

February 17, 2014
A new mobile Bulk Bag Filling System features an integral metal detector/separator and a tilt-down conveyor/feeder for dust-free filling at multiple locations. Read More
Flexicon Dust Hood

Discharger Dust Hood

November 11, 2013
A new Dust Hood for Flexicon Bulk Bag Dischargers contains spillage and dust that can escape through seams in the bag and folds in the spout. Read More
Flexicon Tubular Conveyor

Tubular Cable Conveyors for Friable Materials

June 21, 2013
All-new FLEXI-DISC™ Tubular Cable Conveyors from Flexicon gently transfer fragile food and non-food products. Read More

Featured Articles

Flexicon flexible screw conveyor

Flexible screw conveyor moves cat litter pellets gently

May 1, 2014
Cat litter is usually made from sodium bentonite clay, a material that is relatively inexpensive and highly absorbent, but obtained by environmentally controversial strip mining. Read More
Flexicon Flexi-Disc Tubular Cable Conveyor

Tubular cable conveyor moves bulk materials gently, dust-free

December 6, 2013
This conveyor makes use of polymer discs affixed to a cable to “slide” bulk materials found within stainless-steel tubing. It moves fragile product — quietly and dust-free — horizontally, vertically or at any angle, often through small holes in walls or ceilings. Read More

Company News

Flexicon headquarters

Bulk handling equipment manufacturer Flexicon to expand US headquarters

September 16, 2014
Bulk handling equipment and system manufacturer Flexicon Corp. has broken ground for an expansion that will double the size of its U.S. headquarters. Read More
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